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Arthur Has An Earworm…


He has two, actually. They have been rotating since about a week before Christmas, interspersed between Jingle Bells and The Imperial March which are less earworms and more just like breathing when you’re a four-year-old Arthur.

They are not earworms I expected him to get – though I must say that I approve of his taste – they’re songs he has heard on the radio in the car and he loves them so much he asks for me to play them again and again on my phone some days. He even puts his iPad down to sit and listen and sing along (badly) whenever they come on and Arthur doesn’t put his iPad down for anything.

What are they? Well, the slightly less popular one is Starship’s We Built This City. Which Arthur has taken to rewording every now and then to suit where we live. Instead of ‘we built this city on rock and roll’ he quite often sings ‘we built this city a market town’ which is adorable.

By far his favourite song though, and the one he is most often humming or singing away to himself, is The Goo Goo Dolls’ Iris. We had it on repeat for so long the other day even I got fed up and I love that track!


6 thoughts on “Arthur Has An Earworm…

  1. My goodnes! I have a Starship we built this city earworm. I’ve had it about ten years so good luck with that! #justanotherlinky


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