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Elf On The Shelf: A Story – Part 7

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December 7th

“Where’s Daddy?” asked Lola as she sat down at the table for dinner.

“Working late,” replied Mum, plonking a bowl of pasta down in front of Lola and then James before retreating back into the kitchen.

She looked tired and James was pretty certain she hadn’t brushed her hair before tying it back, either.

“Didn’t he go in early today? That’s why I had to do breakfast and take Lolly to school, isn’t it? OW!”

“Don’t call me Lolly.” Lola kicked him again with a glare.

“Sorry, Lolly.”

Lola threw a pasta shell at him across the table. “I’m L-O-L-A.”

“Stop winding your sister up.” Mum called from the kitchen. “And yes. I guess he must have meetings or something.”

James was almost certain there were no meetings. Dad had looked furious when he’d burst out of the kitchen yesterday after the elf conversation. He’d looked startled to see James in the hall holding a pair of gloves but hadn’t said anything as he stalked upstairs. James was fairly sure he’d heard the front door slam at about 4am as well.

The elf had been ‘climbing’ the fridge this morning, using the magnets for footholds. There was no note.

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