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What’s On The Menu? 22nd – 28th January

Last week didn’t entirely go to plan.

That recipe I spotted on Facebook? Shall we just say, mine did not look like the picture on the website. I managed to somehow curdle the yoghurt and don’t think I added enough spices. In the end it looked a lot like newborn-baby sick-up with chicken drumsticks floating in it and didn’t really taste of much… so yeah. Won’t be making that again!


The Smalls ate the Beef Bourguignon without any fuss, maybe we are finally past the ‘I won’t eat it if it’s wet’ stage.

The Havana Curried Pork didn’t happen on Friday. We were all super tired and it just wasn’t a day for trying something new and adventurous, so I knocked up a Pork and Mushroom Stroganoff with pasta instead. We all like that and it is quick and easy to cook.

On to this week:

Monday Chicken and Chorizo Paella

This recipe is from the follow-up book to My Daddy Cooks which is called The After School Cook Book. I haven’t made this exact recipe before but I have made a few paella variations so I’m sure it will be fine.

Tuesday – Pizza

I have frozen mini pizzas in the freezer that I can chuck at The Smalls between school and clubs and a couple of pizza bases for Caius and I to make our own up later.

Wednesday – Pesto Pasta with vegetables

I like quick and easy on swimming lesson day and you can’t get quicker or easier than pasta and veg!

Thursday – Bread & Spaghetti Shape Tartlets with Bacon

Back to The After School Cook Book  for this new recipe. It’s just glorified spaghetti shapes on toast baked in the oven and served with bacon – which sounds like a pretty good mid-week dinner to me!

Friday – Pork Enchiladas and Salad

The enchiladas went down well a couple of weeks ago so I’m making them again, but with pork this time for a bit of variety. I can see this becoming a regular dish!

SaturdayHomemade Chicken Chow Mein

The kids are away at their father’s this evening and I will doubtless want to reach for the takeaway menu so I’m planning on making my own Fakeaway instead. I actually really like my homemade version of chow mein so I won’t miss the takeaway too much!

Sunday – Freezer Lucky Dip

There’s loads of random stuff in there that probably needs using up. I’ll cobble together something!!

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