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What’s On The Menu? 12th – 18th February

We had all the right meals last week but on all the wrong days thanks to things not defrosting and suchlike!

I particularly liked the end of the week where I wasn’t in charge of cooking! Yay for days off.

On to this week:

Monday – Chicken kievs, pasta and green beans

A request from Caius this time! (Also it is quick and easy because I have to bake cakes with Tori between school and Cubs for her school Bake Off competition as well as squeeze in dinner!)

Tuesday – Quesadillas and chips (and pancakes for pudding!)

I have about 30 seconds to make dinner today between clubs and parents evenings and more clubs…

Wednesday – Chicken Pie, mash, peas & carrots

Arthur asked for chicken pie this week – I love that he finally likes more than the same three things endlessly. (And that he has stopped saying ‘breakfast cereal’ automatically when you ask what he wants for dinner!)

Thursday – Teriyaki Salmon & Sesame noodles

Trying out a new marinade on the salmon this week using this recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen.

Friday – Spaghetti Bolognese

Let half term begin with some easy, tasty comfort food!


The Smalls are off to stay with their dad this weekend so time for food they aren’t so keen on!

Sunday – Tortellini with Creamy Ham & Peas

I may have pinched a few recipes from my friend’s recipe book last weekend- this is one of those.

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