No What’s On The Menu this week because it is half-term and I’m just winging it for the week using freezer supplies and nipping to the shop for bits instead!

I was quite pleased with the Teriyaki salmon last week though, the sauce tasted just as good as any I’ve tried from a jar but it was nice to be able to adjust the sweetness and saltiness myself whilst I mixed it.

The week also involved a good chunk of baking as Tori had a school Bake Off – cupcakes and a showstopper cake were produced following the set theme of ‘Love’.


Those flower cupcakes are great by the way – they look amazing and are super easy to do. All you need is a packet of mini marshmallows, some edible glitter or coloured sugar, some buttercream style icing, and something to use as the middle of your flower (any sort of round sweet will work, Tori used Love Hearts, I have used Skittles in the past).

Start by cutting your mini marshmallows in half diagonally with a pair of scissors and dip the sticky, cut side in your coloured sugar. These will be your petals and you are going to need A LOT of them.

Cover your cupcakes with buttercream, piling it up in the middle and then smoothing the sides so you have a sort of hill.

Plonk your chosen flower center in the middle at the top.

Stick your petals on to your cupcake, starting at the outside edge and moving in a layer at a time in circles. (Try to put your marshmallows with the thin pointy side sticking up and the thicker, squarer side down in the icing for the best effect.) Keep doing this until you have reached your flower centre and have a complete flower cupcake.

Simple but really effective!



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