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What’s On The Menu? 4th – 10th June

Back on the ball this week (last week was half-term and I just made it up as I went along!

Monday: Pizza & Salad – Quick and simple between school and today’s clubs.

Tuesday: Quesedillas/Chicken Tacos – These always go down well and are simple enough to make. Messy though, I always seem to end up with it down my front when I make these.

Wednesday: Pork Stirfry with Noodles – The kids love noodles and will usually eat the veg in a stirfry so long as I get the noodle/vegetable balance right!

Thursday: Bratwurst, Chips, Peas & Curry Sauce – One of my favourite comfort food meals. Nobody else will want the curry sauce but that’s fine, it just means more for me!

Friday: Jacket Potatoes – So long as I remember to put them in the oven on time. Why do they have to take soooooo loooooong?

Saturday: BBQ In A Field! – It’s our church Summer Camp and while we aren’t camping, we will be going over for the BBQ!!

Sunday: Something From The Freezer – Reader, I ran out of ideas.

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