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What’s On The Menu? 25th June – 1st July

Erg, did I really just type July in the title of this post? Where is the year going?!

It’s a week of birthdays and sports days and sleepovers (and in some folk’s cases, stag-dos) so it’s go-go-go from here on in.

Monday: Quiche, herby new potatoes, green beans and salad – Summer is here, I guess I should acknowledge it a bit.

Tuesday: Mango & Sweet Chilli Chicken with vegetable cous cous – Again, trying to be summery and light and easy. See me float like a butterfly around the kitchen. *flutter*

Wednesday: Burgers, sweet & sticky chicken wings, curly fries and salad – It’s my birthday so I’m breaking out the curly fries and party food! To make up for the fact that most of my day will be spent at Tori’s sports day (ugh) and swimming lessons (double dose of ugh) and making cake (less ugh, because cake.)

Thursday: BIRTHDAY TREAT – Yes, yes, it was my birthday yesterday but Thursday is the only night with no after school clubs, therefore the most practical one to do something on. I get to pick birthday tea and it is almost definitely going to involve pizza.

Friday: Jacket Potatoes – Only me and Tori for tea tonight as the boys are both off doing their own things so we are going to have baked potatoes because they are vaguely summery and because Arthur isn’t here to moan about it 😛

Saturday: Meatballs and Pasta – Does this count as summery if I don’t do a big rich sauce with it?

Sunday: Baked fish with new potatoes and tenderstem broccoli – I can’t remember what fish it is we have in the freezer but it needs eating, so here we go.

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