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What’s On The Menu? 20th – 26th August

Wow, time flies. Last time I posted a meal plan post, the summer holidays hadn’t even started yet and now they’re almost over. Not that it feels like they’ve even begun – Tori and Arthur have been off visiting various family members and having a whale of a holiday… and we have barely seen them! So, really our family holidays start here and we get 2 weeks – it’s like a half term!

Ah well, with the The Smalls home I need to actually get a bit more organised and jump back on the planning wagon – so here we go!

Monday: Oven Baked Risotto – Starting with one I enjoy cooking and everyone enjoys eating. The Smalls can be fussy when they get back from a break of eating nothing but beige and sugar frosting (a proper holiday diet) so I’m going to try and ease them gently back into the world of vegetables!

Tuesday: Pork Steaks, new potatoes, peas and carrots – Another easy one. I might try and marinate the steaks in something – it depends how adventurous I’m feeling (and that I’ve been organised enough to remember to defrost the steaks in advance…)

Wednesday: Chicken Thai Curry (super mild!) – I’ve never made Thai curry before and this is apparently a child-friendly recipe that is more aromatic than spicy. I’m going to give it a go and will try my best not to cry when neither child touches it.

Thursday: Quesadillas, salad & crisps – Need something quick and easy to throw together before the Star Wars Pub Quiz the Smalls and I are off to in the evening with friends. I will be terrible, I am hoping Arthur will be on fire. Taking his Lego Star Wars Encyclopedia with me is probably cheating, isn’t it?

Friday: Pesto Pasta – A favourite, easy meal for a Friday when we just want something we all like.

Saturday: Tori’s choice! – Tori got tickets to an outdoor theatre performance for her birthday so Arthur has his own personal date with the babysitter and Tori gets to pick what we have for dinner before we go and watch The Tempest together. (Pray for good weather!)

Sunday: Beef Ragu & Giant Pasta Shells – I couldn’t resist the enormous pasta shells when I saw them and I think they’ll go well with a nice rich ragu with chunky bacon bits and lashings of cheese!

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