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What’s On The Menu? 26th November – 2nd December

It is really feeling like November at the moment – Artie has an ear infection so we’ve practically moved into the doctor’s surgery, school is demanding we get festive and I have sung my first Christmas carols at church.

I am abandoning ship for a couple of days this week and going away with my mum and sister for a late birthday treat (our birthdays are in March and June…) – I am mostly looking forward to a night where I don’t get woken up repeatedly by someone telling me their ear is leaking to be honest! (His ear is leaking, it looks like snot, it’s grim. Ears should not snot.)

On that delightful note – here’s the meal plan for this week!

Monday: Chicken Thai Curry & Rice – This went down well last time I made it so I’m giving it another go. With bonus star shaped bits of butternut squash thanks to a comedy Tesco delivery substitution.

Tuesday: Fish Fingers & Chips

Wednesday: Pizza

Thursday: Soy Chicken with Noodles & Spinach – This is basically supernoodles only home-made, I’ll be honest. I have always been a sucker for supernoodles.

Friday: Stuffed Pasta & Green Vegetables with a Cheese Sauce – One day I will make my own pasta again. Today is not that day though.

Saturday: Cauliflower Cheese Grills, Onion Rings, Potatoes, Peas & Mini Corn on the Cob

Sunday: Spaghetti & Meatballs in a Tomato Sauce


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