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What’s On The Menu? 4th – 10th February

You know how I’m always ‘Tuesdays are a bit mental’ on these posts? Well this week I have added getting Amber spayed and taking the car for its MOT to the Tuesday fun, because apparently I never, ever learn. Sigh.

Ah well, at least we have food for the week…

Monday: Garbure – A French soupy stew type dish that I have never made before, I’m hoping this will leave us some lunch-leftovers for through the week as well.

Tuesday: Chicken Chow Mein, Spring Rolls & Prawn Crackers – Fakeaway day! I have been craving Chinese takeaway for weeks, so today I’m going to be making my own version instead. I have bought the spring rolls though, not quite brave enough to make my own yet.

Wednesday: Risi e Bisi – Rice & Peas, I make this a lot because it is easy and tasty and nobody moans too much when I put it on the table.

Thursday: Tortellini in Creamy Bacon Sauce – Quick and easy again tonight, Tori is going to help me make this one.

Friday:Fish & Chips (for the kids)/Gammon Shanks with Pineapple, Green Veg with Bacon & Roast Potatoes (for grown ups) – Cooking twice tonight because I decided Caius and I need a just-us meal.

Saturday: Who Knows?! – The Smalls are going to Daddy’s this weekend so I am going to just make it up as I go along and see what I can find in the freezer.

Sunday: See Saturday – Yep, making it up again. I wasn’t really in the mood for meal planning this weekend!!

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