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What’s On The Menu? 25th February – 3rd March

Please can someone explain to me how it is March this week? 1) MARCH?! and 2) That means Artie is turning 8 on Friday. 8 feels awful big for the baby of the family…

Oh well, it’s also back to school and normal routine, so back to the meal planning and cooking.

Monday: Rainbow Stirfry with Egg Fried Rice – Simple, bright, and full of veggies. Starting the week off well!

Tuesday: Toasties – Yeah, crazy Tuesday strikes again. Toasties is about all we have time for!

Wednesday: Turkey & Rice Stuffed Peppers with Sesame Broccoli – I am laying bets with myself about just how badly this is going to go down with the kids. Especially Arthur.

Thursday: Creamy Chicken Curry with Naan Bread – Plenty of veggies in this one as well, and it’s more aromatic than spicy so it should be accepted by the Fussy Brigade. Hopefully.

Friday: Birthday Pizza & Cake! – Arthur’s choice tonight, so we are having pizza and chips followed by birthday cake. I haven’t decided on the cake as yet, Arthur has requested everything from Lego to Unicorns via Power Rangers and Football sooo…

Saturday: Quesadillas – We will probably be celebrating Artie’s birthday again today as there’s no school, so something quick and easy is the order of the day.

Sunday: Freezer Roulette: The leftover backlog is building up again, time to raid it!

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