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My May 2019 TBR

That Harry Potter Readathon I blogged about this time last month turned out to be really good for catching up on my TBR and really, really bad for my blogging schedule.

Oops. Sorry about that!

I’m not going to do my usual mini-review round up of April in this post because I read FOURTEEN books and it would go on forever and ever – I will split them up into more managable groups and post my thoughts throughout the month instead

Look at all those ‘finished a book’ stickers!!!

Needless to say, I am not planning on reading quite so much in the coming month! It was very satisfying and fun but not a momentum I can continue indefinitely, so with that in mind I have picked out a list of five books.

Well, six if you count the book I’m sharing with The Smalls but that one just goes one chapter at a time every now and then and isn’t a ‘must read this month’ kind of book.

I can always read more if I finish them all early – it’s not like I don’t have one or two (or thirty) unread books kicking around on the shelves.

My planned TBR list for May is:

  1. The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon – I read the prequel novella to this series back in March and I just can’t wait any longer to dive into the first book.
  2. The Evaporation Of Sofi Snow by Mary Weber – This was one of the books in my readthon lineup but it got switched out for an audiobook instead. I am going to read it this month instead.
  3. Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaranovitch– The second book in the Rivers Of London series, this is my Smut Club book for May. The Harry Potter prompts are serving as our book choice prompts at the moment but for those of us that finished them all in one month (Supernova & I), we have put a load of other prompts in a hat to draw out of instead. This month’s prompt was ‘Cover Love’ and I adore the covers of this series so it was an easy choice.
  4. Only Dull People Are Brilliant At Breakfast by Oscar Wilde – This month’s Little Black Classic, chosen purely for its title. I am not brilliant at breakfast, so I guess that means I’m not dull…
  5. Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo – I have wanted to read this for ages and it has finally got to the top of my Audible pile so is my audio book for the month. Time to see what all the fuss is about!
  6. The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling – This is the current book I am sharing with The Smalls. We have finished the Mowgli stories for now and are on to the other animal stories instead – we might even finish this month!

To be on target for my 52 books in 2019, I need to be on 18 books by the end of this week… and I’m up to 36 already so I think I’m gonna be okay.

What are you reading in May?

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