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My June 2019 TBR

I appear to have missed the start of June. Whoops.

Ah well, I’m here now!

May was a pretty good reading month, I managed to finish six books and start a seventh.

Cute calendar is from Not Only Polka Dots and the bookish candles are from Ash & Quill Candles

The first book I finished in May was The Evaporation of Sofi Snow by Mary Weber which I really enjoyed. It’s very fast paced and I found it took me a while to adjust to this – every single chapter at the start seemed to end on a big cliff hanger and it was exhausting! But once the story got going, I either stopped noticing or it stopped happening, because I raced through it, reluctant to put it own at any point. A great, action-packed sci-fi adventure filled with politics, friendship and family secrets, I had ordered the second book in the duology within minutes of finishing this one! (4/5*)

Sofi Snow was my book club read for this month, we are trying to battle our TBRs and reading books from the same prompts instead of all reading the actual same books. May’s prompt was ‘Cover Love’.

Next up, I listened to the audiobook of Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo which I have wanted to read forever and so was a little afraid I’d over-hyped it in my own brain. It took a while to get into – I wasn’t sure about one of the narrators – but after an hour or so I was addicted and was listening at every possible opportunity! It was a brilliant story of thievery, loyalty, deception, and adventure, with a brilliant cast of characters. I was not disappointed and I will definitely be reading the next book and the other series set in the Grishaverse. (5/5*)

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon was my next read, and another one I’d been really looking forward to. I read the prequel to the series in Marrch and I couldn’t wait any longer to dive in to the first book. I really, really enjoyed it. A solid dystopian fantasy future that was atmospheric and I totally lost myself in it. I love Samantha Shannon’s world-bulding and character creation and have definitely discovered another series I want to really stick with! (5/5*)

After reading Rivers Of London in April, I couldn’t wait to read the next instalment as it was already on my self looking at me beseechingly! Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch reunited me with PC Grant and his dry wit and the ghostly side of London that I have fallen hopelessly in love with. Also there were Jazz Vampires. What’s not to love?! (5/5*)

This month’s Penguin Little Black Classic was Only Dull People Are Brilliant At Breakfast by Oscar Wilde and it was okay. A little book of one-liners and witticisms which were often funny or dryly humourous, but having them in an unstructured format, just one after the other, got quite hard to read by the end of it even though it was only 50 pages long. (3/5*)

Finally, I picked up Spotlight On Sunny by Keris Stainton which is the second in the Reel Friends series. I read Starring Kitty a couple of years ago and loved it and bought myself this one recently when I needed a pick-me-up. This book lived up to the first, an entirely separate story following the same group of young teenage friends, this tale of friendship and self-discovery left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. (4.5/5*)

I also started listening to The Girl With All The Gifts by M. R. Carey but didn’t finish it in May.

My TBR for June is as follows:

  1. The Girl With All The Gifts by M. R. Carey – Started in May, I remember this being huge for a while but also somehow managed to stay totally spoiler free. I am enjoying it so far!
  2. Reclaiming Shilo Snow by Mary Weber – I *need* to know how the story ends!!
  3. Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan – A very recent release that I have been able to get hold of on audio. It has been recommended to fans of Six Of Crows so I am looking forward to it.
  4. Tyger, Tyger by William Blake – This month’s Little Black Classic is a poetry collection. I suspect I will have read a fair bit of it already as I quite like William Blake. I know I used to be able to recite Tyger, Tyger from memory, but I just tried and got stuck on the second verse so I clearly need to reread it…
  5. A Curse So Dark & Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer – Another recent release – I’m being unusually on trend this month! I have borrowed this off Liberty, who loved it. I think it’s a Beauty & The Beast retelling so it should be fun. This is my Book Club choice for June, the prompt was ‘A Book With Magic In’.
  6. Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuire – Another audiobook (I got a free trial subscription to Scribd and I’m trying to squeeze in as many books as I can in my 30 days!), this one is from the author of one of my sci-fi favourite series – I’m interested to try this as it is a different genre. I trust her to still be brilliant though!
  7. The Space Between Time by Charlie Laidlaw – This isn’t actually released until the 20th of June! I was kindly sent a copy by the author as I loved and reviewed his previous book. Looking forward to this one as well, the cover is particularly lovely.
  8. Momo by Michael Ende – This German children’s classic has been on my TBR for years after I got given it as a Christmas gift. It’s about time I picked it up!
(The beautiful sprayed edges on Curse are actually hand-painted by my friend Liberty – she has a new hobby!! 😛 )

Phew! Looks like I’m being a bit ambitious this month but I’m spending two weekends camping so hoping I get some reading done there!

What are you reading in June?


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3 thoughts on “My June 2019 TBR

  1. It sounds like a good month of reading for you! I must say I’m not keen on either sci-fi, fantasy or dystopian novels, so we have pretty different tastes. I love the pages that your friend sprayed for you. And how cool to be in a book club but not actually read the same book!


  2. Wow, you’ve got lots to read there. I’ve just read The Space Between Time. My review will be appearing later this week, so I won’t say what I thought just now #readwithme


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