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What’s On The Menu?

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Let’s all pretend it’s still Monday and that I didn’t entirely forget to write this yesterday, shall we? I got distracted by all the snow, sorry!

We had the right meals but in all the wrong order last week – but hey ho, we were fed!

Tori’s new recipe for the month went really well on Sunday – she is loving being in the kitchen!

On to this week – the last week of school before February half term… wasn’t it Christmas about five minutes ago??

Breakfasts will be the usual choice of: Toasted Waffles with Yoghurt & Berries, Toast with a variety of toppings, breakfast cereal or porridge.

Lunches are sandwiches, porridge or soups depending on the weather and how cold we are feeling!

There is plenty of fruit for snacks and mini iced buns or yogurts for puddings throughout the week.

The evening meals I have planned are:

Monday Night: Chicken & Leek Pasta with Peas

Tuesday Night: Fish fingers, chips & mixed vegetables

Wednesday Night: Chicken & Bacon/Four Cheese Tortelloni with Cheese & Tomato Sauce

Thursday Night: Pork Loin Steaks with mash & peas

Friday Night: Smoky BBQ Chicken Fajitas

Saturday Night: Tori’s Ham & Mushroom Pasta

Sunday Night: Toad in the Hole with potatoes and vegetables

I hope you are all safe after the crazy weather over the last few days. We have been blown away, half drowned, and treated to a sudden dump of snow, all interspersed with glorious sunshine and fog.

It is currently simultaeneously sunny and snowing again here.

Because February.

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