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If you are on my Facebook page for CFHW, you will probably already be aware that I am an independent Usborne organiser. But I’m not sure I have ever mentioned it on here.


Hi there! You want books for Smalls, Not-So-Smalls, Teens, and even Growed-Ups? You live in the UK? Then maybe I can help.

Also available are jigsaws, snap cards, and other interactive games and thingummies.

If you’re local, I can deliver them to you for free, and if not then my postage fees are more than reasonable! You can also order the books from my website to be directly delivered to your house, if that is more convenient.

Talking of my website – it has just had a shiny new upgrade this week so it seems like a good time to share it with you all!

CaroleHeidi Books

I also have a Facebook page which you can find here: CaroleHeidi Books, and I am on Instagram here: @caroleheidibooks

Join me there for bookish parties, quizzes, games, and… stuff.

Okay, I feel awkward with all this self-promo malarky now. That’ll do.

See you around Booksters!

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