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Soundtrack Sunday

Who else had unexpected snow this week? I was all ready for the pouring rain, but not the two inches of snow!

This week’s choices include a song that Tori has had in her head all week and has therefore been singing constantly… and thus so have I. Sigh.

Kings & Queens by Ava Max

This. This is what she has been singing for days and days and days and days and forever.

But hey, cute birds in the video.

Cha Cha Slide by Mr C The Slide Man

Emily and I play a game on Board Game Arena which sometimes gives you the instruction to ‘slide a pair of cards’ and every time I do it I sing ‘slide to the left’ or ‘slide to the right’ from this in my head. And then it gets stuck.

Sleep by Poets Of The Fall

This week has been the kind of week that makes me want to hibernate, so I have had this song on my mind quite a bit.

Nap time now anyone??

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