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Soundtrack Sunday

The weather this week has been miserable at best, dire at worst, so needless to say the music we have been playing has been obnoxiously bright and bouncy.

All of the cheese.

All of it.

Bumblebee by Bambee

Caius discovered this one. And I think the rest of us have been singing it on repeat ever since because it is an absolute ear worm. Or ear-bee. Whatever.

Lollipop (Candyman) by Aqua

Gotta love a bit of classic Aqua.

Bonkers, super catchy, utterly insane video.

Perfect antidote to the grey and the damp.

We’re Going To Ibiza by The Vengaboys

Woah! Back to the island!

…….we’ve gone full 1990s bubblegum and I don’t know if there is any saving us.

Tori and Arthur think we’ve lost our musical marbles a bit, although they have also been caught grooving to the cheese.


What has been playing in your house this week?

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