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Autumn is Falling

As October creeps up, Autumn is starting to settle in and I am falling in love with the season all over again.

I can wear all my favourite hoodies without melting away, and dungarees and hi-tops can become my uniform again. And scarves. And hats. *does a little excited dance*

Outside smells nice. Cold crisp air, loamy leaves on the ground, misty mornings, golden hour, arrows of birds flying on to their winter grounds, muddy puddles, acorns crunching underfoot.

The trees are all the colours of fire, there are mushrooms of all shapes and sizes in the undergrowth, the nettles are finally dying back and no longer trying to kill me at every turn.

Oh, and there’s Hallowe’en and an excuse to get spooky!

Yes, Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year. Especially in the woods.

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