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Soundtrack Sunday

So someone said something on Friday that lead me to put Little Big on, and whilst having a little rave to them it suddenly occurred to me that they are a bit like the Russian love child of Aqua and Scooter…

So then I had a European rave session and now you can sample it, too.

Sorry, not sorry.

The Logical Song by Scooter

It has been… oh dear… ahem, 20 years since this banger burst onto the scene, sampling a Supertramp record in such a way that it sounded like they had hired Alvin and the Chipmunks to do the extra vocals.

I am not ordinarily much of a techno raver, and if I was hearing Scooter for the first time today, I would almost definitely hate it, BUT because it came out when I was a teenager and it was different to everything else and it exploded onto the radio and we all sang it at school and it was at discos and their tracks were still playing when I started clubbing, I have a weird sort of affection and adoration for them now.

I’d say ‘who doesn’t love a bit of German Happy Hardcore?’ but I know full well the answer to that is ‘many many people’, so I won’t.

They are still touring apparently, but I am not going to be rushing out to get tickets… I’ll just sedately rave in my front room every now and then instead.

Lollipop (Candyman) by Aqua

Everybody knows Barbie Girl by this quirky Danish-Norweigian Europop group, but they have so many amazing(ly bizarre) and catchy tracks with the BEST videos. They are just adorable.

We Like To Party! (The Vengabus) by The Vengaboys

Skipping over to The Netherlands now, with the Dutch Eurodance group The Vengaboys, who I swear just released the same backing track with different lyrics about four times. You can sing this song over at least three of their ‘other’ songs. And yet we loved them all.

Hypnodancer by Little Big

And finally we come to the band that inspired this rave – Little Big. The band have recently fled Russia after very publicly condemning the war in Ukraine, because they are, it turns out, as awesome as we all suspected.

So, what have you been listening to this week? Anything this insane!?


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