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First up, I want to interrupt proceedings to wish Artie a very happy 12th birthday today.

Yes, the baby one is 12. And also taller than me. Sigh.

As you may have guessed by the radio silence last week, half term didn’t involve all that much reading. I got a new game on my Switch which took up a fair bit of my attention (It’s called Tyrant’s Blessing and I Kickstarted it back in lockdown so it has been long awaited and I am enjoying it very much!), and was otherwise distracted by half term things like teenagers and Cadbury World.

Attempting to get back into rhythm again now although it’s not exactly a ‘normal’ week this week as Monday was a PD day and then today I have both kids at home due to the teacher strikes, so I don’t really have a clue what day it is or what I am supposed to be doing.

The 3 Ws…

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading:

This list is marginally shorter now!

I am reading physical copies of Shropshire Folktales by Amy Douglas and Recipe For Life by Mary Berry, and I am listening to the audiobook Geekerella by Ashley Poston.

And that’s it! I never actually got further than the first page of The Binding so I have put that back on the shelf for now until I get through one of the other books – I seem to have hit my limit for reading four thousand books at once.

Although I didn’t make masses of progress over the last couple of weeks, I did bake one of the recipes from Recipe For Life which is an autobiography but each chapter finishes with a recipe because Mary Berry. The Ginger and Treacle Tray Bake was delicious, but super duper crumbly. I am pretty sure the icing was the only thing holding it vaguely in a cake shape because as soon as you tried to slice it, it just turned into very tasty sand.

Recently finished:

I finished listening to Blessed Monsters which was a good ending to the trilogy, and gave me a proper book hangover for a couple of days whilst I processed everything that happened.

I also read The Backbone Of The World by Stephen Graham Jones on my Kindle, which was an interesting novella based on Native American mythology but with sci-fi flavours as well. It was the sort of story where you are compelled to keep reading, even when it all starts getting a tiny bit weird, despite having started off perfectly normally.

What’s Next?

Probably The Binding, but at this point I am concentrating more on getting back into reading than worrying about what comes next!

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