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The Dragon’s Eye ~ Book Review

In 1892, when their parents are unacountably detained in India, Beatrice and Daniel Cook go to stay with Dr Ernest Drake. There they begin to learn dragonology but soon a series of events plunges them into an adventure involving Dr Drake’s arch-enemy Ignatius Crook, who has determined that he alone shall become Dragon Master and head of the Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists. The hunt for the Dragon’s Eye is on!

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Tidbit Tuesday – Storm Front

First impressions are important, and I wanted to listen to what my instincts said about the house. I stopped for a long moment and just stared up at it. My instincts must have been holding out for another bottle of Mac’s ale. They had little to say, other than that the place looked like a… Continue reading Tidbit Tuesday – Storm Front

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Book Club Reads #5 – The Grimm Legacy

The February 2017 Book Club read was The Grimm Legacy by Polly Schulman, a young teen read that was lots of fun. The Grimm Legacy is the first book in what I believe is a trilogy and was a super easy read. The story follows Elizabeth, a girl who, in true fairy-tale style, lives with… Continue reading Book Club Reads #5 – The Grimm Legacy

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Tidbit Tuesday – The Dragon’s Eye

  “Have they taken anything valuable?” exclaimed Beatrice as we stood staring at the sight of Dr. Drake dismally surveying the wreckage. “Yes,” said Dr. Drake. “I’m afraid to say that they have taken the most valuable thing I owned. My dragon diary is missing!” – Chapter XV The Dragon’s Eye (The Dragonology Chronicles Volume… Continue reading Tidbit Tuesday – The Dragon’s Eye

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My March TBR

March! Spring! Books! So, February went well, I’m still massively ahead of schedule on my 52 book target for the year (15/52 read!) which means there’s no pressure to READ ALL THE THINGS… so of course I want to read all the things anyway. (Books that count toward my BBC17 will be highlighted in PURPLE… Continue reading My March TBR

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Revenger ~ Book Review

Revenger by Alastair Reynolds Illustrated by: N/A Series: N/A Published: September 15th 2016, Gollancz Edition: Hardback Length: 425 pages Narrated By: N/A Genre: YA Fiction, Science Fiction, Space Opera, Adventure Where Did I Get It? I was kindly sent a copy to review after getting all excited about the YALC sampler! Blurb: The galaxy has… Continue reading Revenger ~ Book Review

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Contagion ~ Book Review

Contagion by Teri Terry Illustrated by: N/A Series: Dark Matter #1 Expected Publication Date:   May 18th 2017, Orchard Books Edition: Paperback Length: 459 pages Narrated By: N/A Genre: YA Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Epidemic Fiction Where Did I Get It? I snagged myself an Exclusive Early Proof at YALC Blurb: (I can’t find… Continue reading Contagion ~ Book Review