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Tidbit Tuesday – English Passengers

‘In my experience once bad luck gets started on a man it will go on, and Captain Clarke of the coast guard cutter HMS Dolphin was bad luck pure as air. As his vessel bore down at us I had hopes we might catch some addled old gent thinking of his retirement, all belly and… Continue reading Tidbit Tuesday – English Passengers

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Tidbit Tuesday – The Wicked Wit Of Queen Elizabeth II

‘The Queen and Prince Phillip’s nickname for the line-up of dignitaries who frequently greet them on official visits is the ‘Chain Gang’, a reference to the ceremonial robes, hats and chains often worn by mayors, sheriffs and their deputies.’ – At Home…, On Politics, Page 53 The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II compiled by… Continue reading Tidbit Tuesday – The Wicked Wit Of Queen Elizabeth II