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Book Lust #19 – The Ice Twins

This sounds super creepy. I like a good horror story where the horror is slow and crawling rather than shocking blood, guts and gore and this sounds like it will properly mess with your head. I am really looking forward to reading this one – just hopefully I won’t manage to time it so I’m…… Continue reading Book Lust #19 – The Ice Twins

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Book Lust #17 – The Return

I requested this book to review from BookBridgr for two reasons: 1) I have wanted to pick up a Jennifer L. Armentrout book for ages but haven’t been able to find any first-in-series ones anywhere I’ve looked and 2) THAT COVER! Seriously, look at it! I love the use of colour against the black and…… Continue reading Book Lust #17 – The Return

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Book Lust #16 – I’ll Give You The Sun

Mostly I want to read this because of the buttery yellow cover and also because Liberty has told me that it’s really good. So long as I can get my head around the floaty prose and it doesn’t annoy me, that is – there’s always that danger with this style of book! Blurb: From the…… Continue reading Book Lust #16 – I’ll Give You The Sun

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Book Lust #15 – The Wolf Princess

I saw a blog review of this a few weeks ago and was immediately interested – firstly it had the word ‘wolf’ in the title and secondly it had wolves on the cover. Yes, that is all it takes to get me interested. Want me to read your book? Put a wolf on the front…… Continue reading Book Lust #15 – The Wolf Princess