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Feeling normal. Being normal. School run, washing clothes, swimming lessons, food. Normal life just rolling on But everything is wrong. Feeling normal. Being normal. Sleeping badly, crazy dreams, anxious, frightened, tired. Normal life just rolling on But everything is wrong. Finding normal. Adapting normal. New routines, exercises, good days, bad days, change. Normal life just…… Continue reading Normal

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Smut Party: Research Shuttle 569

Those of you who also read Liberty’s blog will have recently seen her post about the amusing writing exercise we and several members of Liberty’s family set ourselves. It was all inspired by one of Liberty’s siblings confessing that she was writing a bit of a saucy novel – somehow this turned into each of…… Continue reading Smut Party: Research Shuttle 569

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MDWC – February 2016

Last night was February’s meeting of our local Writer’s Club, and our homework this time was to write something inspired by a selection of Rory’s Story Cubes that we (virtually) rolled on Liberty’s phone. The dice rolled looked like this: And the challenge was to use at least three of them in our piece of…… Continue reading MDWC – February 2016

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MDWC – January 2016

This week, Liberty and I decided to return to our local Writer’s Club after a very extended break. (With the exception of the Christmas meals, we turned up for those 😉) I haven’t done any writing outside of this blog for probably well over a year now and I decided I’d like to try getting…… Continue reading MDWC – January 2016

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Introducing Augurdale

If you follow Liberty or I on Twitter (or Facebook), you may have noticed us trying to get you to follow the Augurdale accounts over there. Augurdale is our latest project together and it is a lot of fun – it is a book series set in a town hidden away in the north of…… Continue reading Introducing Augurdale