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Carole’s Book Alphabet ~ ‘Z’ is for…

‘Zombies’ Ah, zombies. Those things that, if you ask my mother, are black and white and stripey. (We think she may have got them muddled up with zebras, but shhh…) I can’t watch zombie films or TV programmes, they give me nightmares for weeks – even Shaun of the Dead and that’s barely even a…… Continue reading Carole’s Book Alphabet ~ ‘Z’ is for…

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November Reading – 100 Word Reviews

Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater (Scholastic Children’s Books, 2009) ~ 5/5* (A perfect research read for my NaNo project too!!) Opening line: I was used to being the hunter. ~ I launched into Ballad without reading it’s predecessor Lament; I loved the Shiver series though so had high hopes. I wasn’t disappointed as I found myself…… Continue reading November Reading – 100 Word Reviews

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My Best Friend Is Georgia Mason (WARNING: some Newsflesh spoilers involved)

You know when you are watching a film, reading a book or watching something on television and a character suddenly reminds you of someone? They have the same accent, their hair is styled the same, they have similar facial features or they have the same habit of checking their reflection as they walk past parked…… Continue reading My Best Friend Is Georgia Mason (WARNING: some Newsflesh spoilers involved)