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The Gallery: I’m Grateful For…

Following the theme that has been floating around the Bloggosphere recently in aid of Save The Children’s No Child Born To Die Vaccine Campaign, Tara’s Gallery prompt asked us to think about what we are most grateful for. I am grateful for many things – a roof over my head, food in my tummy, the…… Continue reading The Gallery: I’m Grateful For…

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The Gallery: Mustachioed

I wasn’t going to enter this week’s Gallery because I couldn’t find an appropriate moustachey photograph. But I have just given Tori her bath and put her to bed and she provided me with the perfect shot all by herself. I promise you I didn’t assist with the styling of this prime example of a…… Continue reading The Gallery: Mustachioed

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The Gallery: Chilled Out

Tara’s theme of Chilled Out this week made me think of the little moments I’ve had the honour of observing between Daddy and his beautiful little girl. They are always bombing around together and giggling and squealing (even Daddy) but then, when it’s getting closer to bed time or they’ve all just run out of…… Continue reading The Gallery: Chilled Out

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The Gallery: Education

This week’s Gallery theme is Education. Much as I’d have loved to post some of my sickeningly adorable school photos, they are all at my Mum’s house (up on the wall you will be pleased to hear, just for optimum embarrassment), so I couldn’t. Instead I have dug out the following:   This was me…… Continue reading The Gallery: Education