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The Gallery: I’m Grateful For…

Following the theme that has been floating around the Bloggosphere recently in aid of Save The Children‘s No Child Born To Die Vaccine Campaign, Tara’s Gallery prompt asked us to think about what we are most grateful for.

I am grateful for many things – a roof over my head, food in my tummy, the internet and other little pleasures but today I am mostly grateful for my family and this beautiful island we live on.

My parents, Sy, the kids and I spent today out together over the border in Wales. Despite being the first of June it was a little on the chilly side and very windy but we didn’t let that hinder us. We had a quick stroll round Llangollen (acquiring a squidgy Welsh rugby ball for Tori and a cuddly dragon for Arthur on the way) and then headed off to Harlech Castle where we picnicked and then went off to explore.

Harlech Castle has a lot of steps. Especially when you are carrying an extra small person up them…

After climbing forty million steps and then climbing back down them ten times slower (I couldn’t see my feet coz of Arthur in the sling on my front) we all looked like we’d been though a wind-tunnel but the view had been good (in a moody, misty kind of way).

We then headed off to Barmouth beach. Arthur’s first beach and Tori’s first where she’s really been able to have a wander and a paddle (Her other trip being an evening visit to Filey in October which didn’t really lend itself to hanging around. It was dark, raining and pretty nippy!).

Tori had her first ride on a donkey (she wasn’t sure about it), her first go on a bouncy castle and then a big paddle in the giant ‘Splish Splash’ (which she was rather reluctant to leave) and she seemed to have fun making footprints in the sand and picking up shells and ‘pretty stones’ (fairly dull pebbles).

By the end of the day we were all windswept and ruddy faced but had had a wonderful time together enjoying the countryside and the sea as well as each other’s company.

I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for my beautiful home and the opportunity to explore and experience it.

I am also grateful that it never actually rained on us as heavily as the sky sometimes threatened.

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