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People never cease to amaze me…

I have just seen this news report on a website and I’m so full of emotions over it I’ve got to write it all down.…

It is about an American couple who have set up a website in order to allow the internet community to decide whether or not they should abort their perfectly healthy 17-week old pregnancy.

They have done it because they feel that they are unsure about becoming parents and don’t know if they are ready to cope with it. They have previously suffered two miscarriages and are now letting the world decide the fate of this third pregnancy.

The ‘closing date’ of the poll is December 7th – 2 days before the 20-week marker and the state limit on abortion.

Personally I think this is utterly disgusting and can’t believe anyone would even consider it as a serious decision.
They have suffered two previous miscarriages which means they have either been actively trying or else just been incredibly careless. Now, finally, they are going through a successful, healthy pregnancy and they are using it in what seems to me to be some mad kind of publicity stunt.

They are clearly not ready to be parents but that doesn’t mean that a last-minute abortion is the answer (should that be the choice of the masses) – they know they are having a perfectly healthy baby boy and, should they decide they aren’t ready, there are hundreds of families out there who would love to have him in their family.

Aside from the moral aspect of letting millions of strangers decide the fate of a child there is the implications of having such a late-term abortion. Whether you go into it prepared or not, it’s never going to be a pleasant or easy thing to go through and I just wonder if they’ve really considered everythng it’s going to mean for them as a couple.

Am I going to follow the website to find out the final result of this ridiculous tirade? No. Whatever the outcome, the mere fact of this website’s existance means, in my eyes, that baby deserves more than the irresponsible, immature ‘parents’ that have created him. And, should the decision to keep him be made, I hope and pray that they grow up and give him a happy life full of joy, love and laughter and don’t resent him as the child they should never have had.

8 thoughts on “People never cease to amaze me…

  1. This is just truly disgusting. I have no words. I had a bit of a cry over it, knowing that so many couples would be perfect to give tat child a loving home, and instead those “parents” are making a mockery out of the whole situation. It really has sickened me.


  2. Don’t let it upset you anymore Carole. Thinking about it, I can’t believe this could be genuine…surely not. You concentrate on your growing bump knowing that you are already a fab mum to Tori and you will be a fab mum to number 2 too! People will do anything for attention…and it’s working…they are getting us all talking about it. Let’s just hope they are just sick attention seekers and nothing more…or that this is just a clever campaign by anti-abortionists to raise awareness by making every decent mother feel the way we all do.


  3. Outrageous. Every child is a gift. So sad when there are so many people who would love to but, for whatever reason, can’t have children.


  4. I saw this in the paper last week too – and I was with my pregnant friend Tricia at the time. At first we were as equally shocked as you, but then Tricia (who’s from New York) wondered if it was sponsored by a Pro-Life group to get publicity? It’s such a hot topic over there, she said, that someone actually burst into an abortion clinic and shot a doctor. I have to believe this is a publicity stunt because the alternative is too horrible…


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