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The Gallery: Celebration

This week I have decided to take part in Sticky Fingers’ Gallery and the topic is ‘Celebration’.

There are so many things to celebrate at this time of year but one thing staying at my Mum’s house has reminded me of is how much I love British Wildlife. Not just the unusual visitors and exciting once-in-a-lifetime views, though they are amazing, but the ones we see every day: blackbirds, sparrows, chaffinches, mice…they’re all beautiful and fascinating. We should celebrate them more than we do.

Here is a picture I took five minutes ago of a male Chaffinch wading through the snow in Mum’s garden looking for the seeds other birds have dropped from the feeder above.

3 thoughts on “The Gallery: Celebration

  1. I keep putting out food for the birds and it keeps snowing on top of it. Lovely photo, great to see the birds doing ok in this cold snap:) Jen


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