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What I’m Reading Wednesday

What I Read: This week I romped through books 2 & 3 of Lili St. Crow’s Strange Angels series, Betrayals and Jealousy. Having really enjoyed book 1, I was looking forward to these two immensely. I really enjoyed them, though I must admit to preferring Jealousy (book 3) as Betrayals had a touch of ‘middle book in the series’ going on with it. Not too much, but a little.

What I’m Reading: Currently, I am reading Robert Harding: The Court of Re-Life by Graham D Richards. It is a pre-release copy that I am proof-reading and will be reviewing, probably later this week or early next. Exciting stuff!

What I (might) be starting: Depending on how busy life gets (this weekend actually has something written on the calendar for a change, I *do* have a life after all!) I may start reading the next book in my TBR pile, which is The City Of Dreams and Nightmare by Ian Whates.

3 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Wednesday

  1. Yayayay. We need to get this weekend sorted. You still coming to mine on Friday for Inception/SATC2 party? X x x (that sounds like a weird party when put together like that… Psychedelic shoe shopping and three layers of dreams about dresses? O.o)

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