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The Name Game 2

Well, it took me two days but I’ve done it. Before me is a list of 156 names. Varying from utterly bizarre/desperate to quite sensible, possible suggestions.

It took me so long because it was surprisingly hard. Though my brain did come up with some amusing entries to fill in blanks, which in hindsight, I could have filled with much more sensible ideas. But where would the fun be in that?!

Just for an insight, here’s a selection from my list – I’ll pick one name for each sex for each letter. I will do a mix of silly and sensible but I’ll let you decide which are which…

A: Anja    Arthur

B: Breanna   Bobby

C: Constance   Casper

D: Delta   Drystan

E: Elissa   Eric

F: Faith   Fergus

G: Georgia   Gaius

H: Harriet    Harvey

I: Ivy    Isaac

J: Jasmyn    James

K: Kyra    Kaleb

L: Libby    Lyall

M: Marie   Matty

N: Nikki   Norbert

O: Odelia   Oscar

P: Pippa   Percy

Q: Queenie    Quinn

R: Rae    Reubhen

S: Sally    Spencer

T: Teazel    Theo

U: Ulrika    Upton

V: Verity    Victor

W: Wilma    Winston

X: Xanthe    Xavier

Y: Yasmyn    Yoda

Z: Zelda    Zeus

All I need now is for Sy to write his list and then we can decide if, between us, we’ve managed to come up with any suggestions we might want to stick with!!

8 thoughts on “The Name Game 2

      1. Ivy’s proved the “problem” with [CG]aius though, everyone misspells the a and i. Great name once you get used to that happening though. 🙂


      2. @Carole – There is no such thing as “too much Merlin” P:
        @Caius I canna spell, ok? XD


  1. Such a responsibility knowing you could be blighting little Carole/Sy Jr to a lifetime of having to say “Yoda, my name is!” hehe


  2. I think you should go for Norbert or Wilma. OK, maybe not. It’s quite a responsibility isn’t it, choosing something they have to live with for the rest of their life?! I still don’t think my parents have got over us calling our daughter Keziah (pronounced Ke-zee-ya) but I love it.


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