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Failure. And how I stopped being one.

Supposing you have tried and failed again and again.  You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call “failure” is not the falling down, but the staying down.  ~Mary Pickford Sometimes you read a quotation and think ‘pretentious rubbish’ and sometimes you read one and think ‘that’s it! Perfect.’…… Continue reading Failure. And how I stopped being one.

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The Gallery: Togetherness

I could have picked a hundred different pictures for this week’s theme of ‘Togetherness’. Of me and Sy, of us with Tori, of me with my parents or siblings or friends or any number of combinations of the above. But when I sat down and started going through photos I suddenly realised that the one…… Continue reading The Gallery: Togetherness

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Spring coming?

I appear to be nesting. This is odd, because I totally didn’t last time unless you count the urge to fold all the washing the night before Tori made her appearance. This time around, however, I keep baking, cooking, washing things and getting ‘stuff’ organised. This is great for everything except possibly my families waistlines…… Continue reading Spring coming?

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January Challenge – Mission Complete!

You might remember back at the start of the month I took up Tiddlyompompom’s ‘January Challenge’ and set myself the task of packing my maternity bag for hospital by the 31st, ready for BabyBump’s arrival some time in February (due 27th). Well I’ve done it! See: This time around I have packed towels, a toothbrush…… Continue reading January Challenge – Mission Complete!

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Review: Sporty Bump Ltd ‘Robe-Around’ Towel for Mum-To-Bes

I was recently given the opportunity to test out and review Sporty Bump Ltds brilliant new product for Mum-To-Bes – the ‘Robe-Around’ Towelling Robe. A stylish looking towel-wrap with Velcro fastenings at the top, it’s a brilliant idea and an essential for any Mum-To-Bes who attend gym/exercise classes/go swimming or are hitting the beach during…… Continue reading Review: Sporty Bump Ltd ‘Robe-Around’ Towel for Mum-To-Bes

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I Am A Bad Mother…

…apparently. Or at least that is the impression I have been given by a few people over the last 17 months, mostly, I might add, people whose names I don’t know and am fairly sure don’t know mine. This is fine with me. Here is a list of  just some reasons why I am a…… Continue reading I Am A Bad Mother…

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Diets always start on Monday…

In response to QWERTY Mum’s post I finally decided to share something that has been niggling at me for the last couple of months. And before you start, yes I am aware of the fact that I am pregnant and that getting a little tubby is part of the deal but there is no denying…… Continue reading Diets always start on Monday…

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January Challenge

Over at TiddlyOmPomPom’s blog she has, very sensibly, given up on New Years resolutions and replaced them with ‘personal challenges’ for each month. Clever. And probably much more achievable. We have all been invited to join in and despite having made some resolutions this year (which I might keep, if you all remind me what…… Continue reading January Challenge