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January Challenge – Mission Complete!

You might remember back at the start of the month I took up Tiddlyompompom’s ‘January Challenge’ and set myself the task of packing my maternity bag for hospital by the 31st, ready for BabyBump’s arrival some time in February (due 27th).

Well I’ve done it! See:

Bag for BabyBump, Bag for me.

This time around I have packed towels, a toothbrush and a hairbrush and other little things (like slippers) that I neglected to include last time, when I seemed to forget that I would be there too and only really packed for Baby.

All that’s left to go in is my camera and camcorder and my dressing gown – but they are all still currently in use and will have to be remembered on the day and flung in at the end. I have charged up the spare batteries for the cameras though and packed them.

Now it’s just a waiting game to see when these adorably tiny clothes are going to be filled with a small person – and find out who said small person is – girl or boy and, you never know, we might even agree on a name some time too…

I completed my January Challenge – did you?? Hop on over to Tiddlyompompom’s blog to see how everyone else got on with their challenges!

4 thoughts on “January Challenge – Mission Complete!

  1. I packed mine a couple of days before, but then I did know the date I was going in :-). Oh and you’ve got the same pink spotty case I took in lol x Bet you’re excited now

    1. Yeah really excited 🙂 After Tori’s early arrival I figured it would be best to be prepared this time around!! Also gives me time to remember what I’ve forgotten (I’m sure there must be something)!

  2. Yeah, I loved packing my bag for Baba’s arrival. We did know we were having a boy and I packed this gorgeous newborn outfit for him to come home in. He weighed a tiny 5lbs and didn’t wear that outfit till he was three months old and come home in a baby grow! xx

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