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Mother vs Chav – A Poem (100WCGU) (National Poetry Day)

Mother vs Chav   The baby’s crying – third time tonight. Inconsolable wailing – nothing I do is right.   It was that idiot that did it – I’d swear and call him names but none are rude enough to fit. – Yes, that pillock is to blame.   Roaring past the flat at sixty…… Continue reading Mother vs Chav – A Poem (100WCGU) (National Poetry Day)

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How They’ve Changed

With Tori starting Pre-School this week and Arthur learning new words every day I am suddenly aware of just how quickly they are growing up and changing. Last September, Trouble and Chaos (as I like to call them) looked like this: And now they look like this: They are virtually adults already. How can this…… Continue reading How They’ve Changed

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While The Cat’s Away… – A Review

I was recently asked if I would like to review a product from the Galt range of toys and games. I was allowed to choose anything I liked from their extensive range  that cost less than £20 in return for a review on this blog. No other payment was received at any point. I had…… Continue reading While The Cat’s Away… – A Review

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Tears For An Angel

This world, our home, is not your place; We made it ready but you never came, And I will never see your face.   My life goes on at the same old pace, But with a hidden, unspoken pain, That this world, my home, is not your place.   Where you should be is empty…… Continue reading Tears For An Angel

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Who needs sleep anyway?

Arthur has been pretty under the weather for the last week – coughing, spluttering, choking and a bit snuffly. He’s particularly bad when he’s lying down which has meant a severe lack of sleeping for me and Sy (Tori has been gleefully oblivious in her own bedroom). This means that now we are in that…… Continue reading Who needs sleep anyway?