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Tears For An Angel

This world, our home, is not your place;

We made it ready but you never came,

And I will never see your face.


My life goes on at the same old pace,

But with a hidden, unspoken pain,

That this world, my home, is not your place.


Where you should be is empty space –

No photos for the waiting frame;

The world will never see your face.


Excitement, hope, a packed suitcase,

Wishes of luck again and again.

But this world, their home, was not your place.


You never felt her warm embrace,

But you knew her love as fierce as flame

And how she longed to see your face.


God took you home, safe in His grace;

He took your hand and spoke your name,

For this world, our home, is not your place.

But one day we will see your face.


© Carole Holland 03/11/2011

These are words that had to be written for a child I will never know, for a family that will never be the same, for people I barely know but cannot get out of my head or my heart.

May they find some peace soon and find the joy of life and love again.

God Bless x

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