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October Challenge – How Did It Go?

Back at the start of the month I set my self a 3 part challenge for October and I am pleased to say I succeeded (sort of). Yay for me!

1. Blog More. I wanted to post at least 1 if not 2 ‘proper’ blog posts a week over the course of October on top of my 365 project posts and I managed a total of 11 which is a pass. Especially impressive considering I was away on holiday for half-term week and had no internet access.


2. Read At Least 2 Books. This is where the ‘sort of’ comes in. I read one and two-thirds. I finished Pale Demon and got very close to finishing Forever but I didn’t manage to fit it in before I went away and the opportunities for reading when sharing a caravan (and bed) with both Tori and Arthur are precisely non-existent. When they weren’t running us ragged we were collapsed in a heap somewhere sleeping!


3. Cook At Least One New Recipe. Now here I excelled – I cooked LOTS of new things this month. This is partly down to my random urges to bake and also to the wonderful veg boxes we are now getting – I have to start finding things to do to use all the yummy veggies!

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So one fail but one super success – that equals out, right?

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