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Black Wednesday

You said you hated the numbness, The apathy, the cold. You wanted the joy of sun on your face, The laughter, the warmth. This is the price you pay. You choke on your words as you say them, The terror, the tears. You said you wanted your feelings back, So take them, take them all.…… Continue reading Black Wednesday

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Building My Castle

I used to stand with one foot in the past; The future was too far to reach. The other foot dipped in the present; Uncertain at the edge of the beach.   Now I stand here in the present, both feet firmly on the sand. The past roars behind me, an ocean of memories close…… Continue reading Building My Castle

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Feeling normal. Being normal. School run, washing clothes, swimming lessons, food. Normal life just rolling on But everything is wrong. Feeling normal. Being normal. Sleeping badly, crazy dreams, anxious, frightened, tired. Normal life just rolling on But everything is wrong. Finding normal. Adapting normal. New routines, exercises, good days, bad days, change. Normal life just…… Continue reading Normal