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Feeling normal. Being normal. School run, washing clothes, swimming lessons, food. Normal life just rolling on But everything is wrong. Feeling normal. Being normal. Sleeping badly, crazy dreams, anxious, frightened, tired. Normal life just rolling on But everything is wrong. Finding normal. Adapting normal. New routines, exercises, good days, bad days, change. Normal life just…… Continue reading Normal

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MDWC – January 2016

This week, Liberty and I decided to return to our local Writer’s Club after a very extended break. (With the exception of the Christmas meals, we turned up for those 😉) I haven’t done any writing outside of this blog for probably well over a year now and I decided I’d like to try getting…… Continue reading MDWC – January 2016

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I Am Tori, Defeater Of Socks.

It was Writer’s Club at my local library last night and we were looking at the poem ‘I am Taliesin’ by the infamous and legendary bard of the same name (he was real but his story is interwoven with the magic of the Arthurian legends). It is a poem of self-pride and boastfulness and is…… Continue reading I Am Tori, Defeater Of Socks.