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#NaPoWriMo meets the London Marathon (An Excuse.)

I have a confession to make… I didn’t write any poems this weekend. I would claim that I didn’t totally forget, but that would be a total lie because I did. But I totally forgot having given myself prior permission and promising myself that I would catch up (which I have). You see it was…… Continue reading #NaPoWriMo meets the London Marathon (An Excuse.)

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365 Project, Week 38 ~ ‘Outside’

What a perfect week for ‘outside’ to be my theme! MONDAY: Outside the car it is snowy, Drifting, sliding, flowing. Arctic winds are all blowy, Bitter, chill and snowy. TUESDAY: Beautiful but slippy, Snow compressed to ice. Unexpected slips are scary, But controlled sliding is nice. WEDNESDAY: Delicate crystals layered deep, Nature in silent slumber…… Continue reading 365 Project, Week 38 ~ ‘Outside’

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Mother vs Chav – A Poem (100WCGU) (National Poetry Day)

Mother vs Chav   The baby’s crying – third time tonight. Inconsolable wailing – nothing I do is right.   It was that idiot that did it – I’d swear and call him names but none are rude enough to fit. – Yes, that pillock is to blame.   Roaring past the flat at sixty…… Continue reading Mother vs Chav – A Poem (100WCGU) (National Poetry Day)