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Listography – Top 5 Kids TV Programmes I Love To Loathe

Watching kids TV sounds great up until you actually have to endure a day or two of CBeebies, and then you realise that DangerMouse and SuperTed appear to have vanished somewhere leaving us with…well, a large amount of ‘rubbish’ (would use stronger word, but Mother may be reading…).

My Top 5 least favourites? Tough to narrow down, but here we go:



1) It sounds like a porn movie rather than a Children’s TV programme

2) It has the freakiest CGI animation crossed with real life characters in existence

3) The trailer for it scared me so much I have never allowed it to play past about 5 seconds of the titles before switching it off. Therefore I haven’t actually got a clue what the programme is like as a whole. I know enough. (I’d probably rather watch the porn implied by the title…)




You know the infuriatingly irritating theme tune? Yeah, well that’s the best bit.

Not to mention the fact that it is *so* PC it is actually vomit inducing – and how many policemen do you know that go round petting barn owls as part of their every day duties? Exactly.



The Teletubbies

I loathed them when I was a kid. I loathe them now.

They are redeemed only by the fact that Tori loves the baby in the sunshine and squeaks ‘Bay-beee’ at it every time and giggles whenever it does. Well, by that and the cute bunnies that randomly reside in Tubbyland or whatever you call the astro-turf disaster that they live in.



Mighty Mites

Yes, both the puppet and the presenter are as irritating as they look. The *only* redeeming feature of Sarah-Jane whatever-her-name-is is that I know she does a lot of good work for Dogs Trust – Dogs probably respond really well to her awful high-pitch whine of a voice. It just gives everyone else a headache. And makes you feel like a patronised three-year-old.



I Can Cook

This has improved since they dropped the horrendous tuneless plinky plonky guitar singy bit but still, any programme that encourages you to put grapes on pizza is just plain wrong.


Now hop on over to Kate Takes 5 and link up your Top 5 and see what everyone else loathes too…!

7 thoughts on “Listography – Top 5 Kids TV Programmes I Love To Loathe

  1. Grapes on pizzas is beyond wrong.
    Sarah Jane’s whining is probably only audible to canines, so the Dog’s Trust association makes perfect sense!
    Teletubbies are so strange…the theme tune used to make Ella cry!
    Balamory is so obscenely pc it is offensive.
    Dirt Girl World is one we avoid at all costs.

    Sorry to have named Gigglebiz on my blog…but Justin in a dress??? It’s just plain wrong!!! Gail Force??? Is that Justin’s weekend alter ego???

  2. Think we’ve never really watched Dirtgirl probably because it’s annoying and the kids don’t want to watch it.Don’t like any others bar I can cook we’ve made lots of stuff from there.Except grape pizza WTF is that all about????

  3. Mighty Mites, is just a wrong wrong programme. I hate that programme with a passion, I just turn it over as soon as it starts, Baba does not have an option with that show!

  4. Never heard of No 1 but I can see from the picture why you have it on your list. Think I may have to compile an overall most hated programmes list at the end of this – and it looks like poor old Mighty Mite could be top of it..

  5. I can cook! Oh that is the one of the most annoying ever programme EVER!
    When she starts singing about her “slippy dippy soap, splish splash splosh” I just want to shove her slippy dippy soap where the sun doesn’t shine! 🙂

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