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Dear So and So…

Dear BabyBump,

I love when you wriggle but please could you shift across slightly so that I don’t need to wee every time you so much as twitch.

All my love, Mummy-To-Be


Dear Tori,

Please sleep for an extra twenty minutes this nap time because I forgot to actually put my dinner in the oven to cook so I haven’t had time to eat it and relax yet.

All my love, Mummy


Dear Chavvy-types,

Please stop sitting and revving your extra loud lawnmowers outside our house when you are waiting for traffic to clear after half eight at night. You keep waking my toddler, and probably the rest of the street.

Yours, Irritated


Dear Drunken People,

Can you learn to walk rather than stomp, talk rather than squeal and laugh rather than roar at 2am. Most people are sleeping, or at least trying to.

Yours, Irritated.


Dear Washing Up,

Please stop rematerialising as soon as I’ve finished you.

Yours, Fairy-Soft Hands.


Dear Milk,

Stop running out when I’m not looking.

Yours, Craving Cereal


Dear Twitter,

Thank you for keeping me sane on days when I feel alone and making me feel part of something.

Yours, @caroleheidi


Dear Squidge, Spike, Tufty & Gingerbread,

Thank you for being warm and fluffy whenever I need you to be.

Yours, The Hand That Feeds You

Got stuff on your chest? Let it out and link up over at 3BedroomBungalow – it’s brilliant therapy!!

5 thoughts on “Dear So and So…

  1. Oh I remember that feeling Carole, it feels like they are sitting on your bladder!

    Twitter so a lovely place, with lovely people, a very nice place to be 🙂


  2. I love how you can tweet something and then you get a couple of answers back and you don’t feel so alone. When my husband is away it is very nice to feel like I am not talking to myself!


    1. Yeah on the high street through our town – which isn’t as majorly busy as many places, being an ‘in the middle of nowhere’ kind of place, but still, there are enough idiots…


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