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Dear So-And-So

  Dear Brown-Dribbly-Stain-That-Keeps-Appearing-On-The-Inside-Of-The-Bathroom-Door, 1. What are you? – You make it look like we throw coffee around in our bathroom. (We don’t.) 2. Please stop coming back. – I keep cleaning you off and there you are two days later regardless. Yours, Puzzled-Housewife ***** Dear BabyBump, It is your official due-date tomorrow. You were supposed…… Continue reading Dear So-And-So

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Weekend Creation: A Writing Excersise – The Barn

Once you’ve read my post, be sure to click on the button and go look at everyone else’s Weekend Creations! **** One of my favourite exercises I was ever set at university was this: ‘Describe a barn through the eyes of someone who has just received a letter saying their child has been killed at…… Continue reading Weekend Creation: A Writing Excersise – The Barn