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Top Ten Tuesday: Things I Could Do Without


This week over at SluiterNation, Katie has set us the task of coming up with our Top Ten Things We Could Do Without. I have the horrible suspicion it’s going to be harder than it sounds…


1. A Broken Shower. I’m fed up of hot sink washes now. It would be nice, in this bath-less household, if our shower had a door attached, a head attached and a hose that wasn’t dead. Or I’d settle for fitting in Tori’s baby-bath as an alternative. Anything to not have to shiver my way through Guide-Camp style bowl-of-hot-water-and-a-flannel wash every day, and to be able to wash my hair properly….


2. Anaemia. I’m tired enough as it is after running around with Tori every day and carrying BabyBump’s delicate weight, I could DEFINITELY do without a low iron count as well making me permanently want to be asleep. (Though on the plus side it has been a good excuse to eat chocolate – lot of iron in that…)


3. Sleepless Nights. Between BabyBump’s raves and the bizarrely high proportion of boy-racers that emerge after dark in our ‘sleepy countryside town’ I haven’t been getting much in the way of decent shut-eye recently. Which would be a pain anyway but is made even worse by point 2 factoring itself in. *yawn*


4. Complete Strangers Patting BabyBump. Seriously. I am trying to shop as efficiently as possible so I can go home and sit down, I am too polite to ignore you when you stop to talk to me but PLEASE for the love of everything Holy – DON’T TOUCH THE BUMP. Would you pat me if I wasn’t pregnant? No you wouldn’t. So don’t do it now!! I’m not a puppy.


5. Changing Mat Tantrums. The changing mat used to be Tori’s favourite place when she was a newborn. It would stop her crying even if it wasn’t a nappy change that she really wanted. No longer. Now she is a toddler the mere hint that I am going to change her nappy results in a chase round the room, wailing, thrashing, shouting, wriggling, standing up halfway through the job… It really would take half the time if she’d just chill out and let me get on with it. Sadly this now only happens about one in every five nappy changes. I am looking forward to BabyBump nappy time – it may well be more explosive and bright yellow but at least s/he won’t be as wriggly…or able to stand up midway through and try to run away covered in you-know-what.


6. Bills. Yes yes I know, nothing comes for free but still after the four million rate increases across the various energy boards life is beginning to become an endless round of ‘we can’t do that til we’ve had the **** bill, just in case’. We used to be able to know vaguely how much they were going to be but now? No idea but it’s probably more than we hope.


7. My excessive appetite. Because then when BabyBump arrives, I’d stand a chance of losing the extra weight I have put on…


8. Cobwebs. They’re always where I can’t reach. It looks like I have a pet army of spiders in some corners…


9. The Kids TV Programmes on my Listography (plus a few others that didn’t make it coz I was only allowed 5). They make my will to live dissolve and leak out of my ears…and some of them encourage behaviour that, quite frankly, I dislike.


10. Grasshoppers and similar existing. They scare me. I had a nightmare about them last night and, honestly, I could live without them…



What are your Top Ten? Click on the badge at the top of the post and see all the other posts on the linky and don’t forget to join in – it’s very theraputic!!

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things I Could Do Without

  1. this is a GREAT list…man, i do NOT miss complete strangers patting my preggo belly. Or students trying to! EW! stay away from me!!! Ha ha!

  2. I hear ya on the sleepless nights and excessive appetite!
    Some nights I swear I barely sleep at all and for no reason. This Mommy of 3 needs her sleep.

    As for my appetitie, well it’s always been a struggle. I always want what I can’t have and am not very good at being faithful to eating right.

    Loved your top ten!

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