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Spring coming?

I appear to be nesting.

This is odd, because I totally didn’t last time unless you count the urge to fold all the washing the night before Tori made her appearance. This time around, however, I keep baking, cooking, washing things and getting ‘stuff’ organised. This is great for everything except possibly my families waistlines (serious cake and biscuit intake increase).

Or is it just the whole Spring cleaning urge thing taking over as we slowly crawl our way towards the end of Winter? I don’t tend to get that either to be honest, I am a terrible housekeeper and a change in the weather doesn’t really do much to change that. Though I wish it did, imagine turning into a cleaning Goddess every time it rained or something – that would be great… *daydreams*

Either way, today I plan to put up BabyBump’s Treasure Cot and work out how to get the drapes on it and maybe do a bit more baking or cook up some soup…

Did you go through a ‘nesting’ stage? Mad cleaning? Decorating? I’m just nosey really and want to know all about it!

No-one's going to be nesting in this BirdBox this year. The Biodegradable label on this was clearly telling the truth!

One thought on “Spring coming?

  1. I didnt go through the nesting period! Kinda wish I did though, might help spurred me on with all that housework!

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