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The Name Game

Baby is on the way. Big question – what are you going to call it when he or she arrives?

Well, we were a bit rubbish at this last time, only coming up with one girl’s name and no boy’s names at all. Luckily, we had a girl. Trouble is…we’ve now used up our only name…

So, today I decided to play a game. I got out my trusty notebook, full of scribblings from various uni seminars and lectures, shopping lists and notes passed between me and Liberty during aforementioned lectures when we should probably have been listening, and drew myself a grid.

For each letter of the alphabet I assigned 3 lines and split these in two columns – one for girls and one for boys. Then I made myself sit down and come up with three names for each sex starting with each letter. It was against the rules to leave any blank spaces so some names were hunted down on websites in desperation (have you ever tried coming up with 6 names starting with X on your own? Give it a go…). The idea is that I make Sy sit down and do the same without letting him see my list first. Then we can cross-reference, see what we both put down and see if any names leap out at us.

I hope they do. I don’t want a baby called ‘Um’…

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