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Review: Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden – Mum To Be Range

I was never one of those girls with a beauty regime – I tried the whole cleanse, tone & moisturise thing but forgot about it after about a week, I never had the patience to sit and straighten my hair and I still can’t do eye-liner very well. Thus, when it came to being pregnant, the thought of buying moisturiser or anything else for my skin didn’t even cross my mind – I just put up with the mad itching and resigned to the stretch marks.

That was last time. This time I was very kindly bought the Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Mum To Be Pure Pamper Bag as a gift, and I already wish I’d known about it all last time!!

The gift set contains 3 different products all with different qualities but all with the purpose of pampering your poor skin as it gets battered by the ‘joys of pregnancy’.

Firstly I set about using the Mum to Be Soft Skin Bath Soak whilst visiting my Mum (I have a stash of bubble bath at her house as our flat only has a shower…).

Never sure how much of these things to use I sprinkled a fair amount of the granules into the tub and then some more (because you can never have too many bubbles, right?). The fragrance that came from the bath was divine and instantly relaxing all by itself. It wasn’t chemically like some bath fragrances and nor was it overpowering, despite my enthusiasm with the quantities. Bath run, I slipped in and enjoyed a fairly lengthy soak, making the most of the opportunity to stretch out tense muscles and just lie there whilst someone else chased Tori round. The scent never faded and lingered deliciously on me when I finally dragged myself out and returned to the madness outside the bathroom door.

Next up was the Mum to Be Supple Skin Shower Oil, which I admit I was a bit dubious about using due to the fact that it was an ‘oil’ and looked suspiciously like what I use to fry eggs in. But hey, I’ll try (almost) anything once.

After reading the back of the bottle I poured some out onto my flannel and proceeded to apply the oil to bump and the rest of my body only to find that I wasn’t experiencing any of the ‘light foaming’ mentioned in the blurb. Feeling a little like I should be standing in a frying pan and not a shower I decided to just give the old ‘pour it in your hand and slap it on’ method a go to see if I could persuade out any bubbles. Success! Once I got over the sensation of warm oil in my hand instead of the usual cool shower gel I discovered that just rubbing it in with your hands created a lovely gentle foam that totally over-rode the oily feeling applying with the flannel had left me with. It went on smoothly, smelled lovely and washed off easily. The floor of the shower was a little slippy immediately after I washed it off but the bottle did warn me of that and I have the luxury of a seat installed in my shower so I was sitting down anyway.

Afterwards my skin was noticeably soft and I felt like I’d had a proper clean after using something that wasn’t just all perfume and colouring. Fab!

Finally we come to my favourite product in the set, the Mum to Be Collagen Boosting Body Butter.

Now, as you may have guessed I’m not up on my beauty-speak and actually haven’t a clue what Collagen is or why I want to boost it but that aside, this stuff is brilliant. I suffered a lot with itchiness in my first pregnancy, especially on Bump when my stretch marks were developing, expanding and afterwards when they were recovering. I just put up with it (and moaned about it to everyone…sorry about that one, folks). By the time I received this set I was beginning to get to that stage again, the stretch marks were returning and so was the heat-rash-style itching that went with them. Three days of applying this body butter before I went to bed and after my morning shower and the difference was amazing. I very rarely itched at all (unless I got over-heated) and my skin felt smoother, softer and looked much healthier. I know this is probably a combined thing from all three products but the body butter seems to have had the most noticeable effects.

I am endlessly grateful to Paula for treating me to this gift set and highly recommend all the products in it to any Mum-To-Bes out there – buy it before the itching and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to miss it entirely and just enjoy the glow you get instead!

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