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Any Excuse For Cake.

Tomorrow promises to be good:

In the evening it is a concert at my church by Of One Accord, the choir my Mum is a part of, to celebrate my Mum and our friend’s 60th Birthdays which are coming up very soon. We have all been busy baking goodies for the interval and preparing ‘stuff’ to pretty the church and it should be a really good night for everyone.

(If you happen to be local and free you are more than welcome to come along too, whoever you are. Wem Methodist Church, Aston Street, Wem, North Shropshire. Doors open 7pm, concert starts 7.30pm. £5 on the door.)


Liberty is coming to my house tomorrow to hang out before we head to the above concert.

It is far too long since we actually saw each other in person rather than just being words on screens, be they laptops or phones.

This event means that tomorrow promises certain things:

Pizza – A uni tradition we have continued. It used to be our reward for trekking up the giant hill we lived at the top of – the calories don’t count if you’ve just dragged yourself up a hill that size. Trust me.

Cake – Similar to above. Except this time I made the cake myself instead of buying one like we always did at uni when we were lazy students.

Girly DVDs – I say ‘girly’. Our idea of girly and everyone else’s tend to differ. We define ‘girly’ by ‘stuff the OHs won’t watch with us’ – such as Primeval, Supernatural, Torchwood, various sci-fi/fantasy films and, in this case, Alice.

I am very much looking forward to tomorrow. I should have put it on my Reasons To Be Cheerful post earlier. This can be my second R2BC post instead….

Is it tomorrow yet???

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