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Dear So-And-So

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Dear Hormones,

Thank you for my random nesting urges. I like being up to date with the washing up and making lots of lovely bisbis and cake to share with people (and my waistline).

Love, Feeling Domesticated


Dear Royal Mail,

Only getting post on Friday is stupid. Especially when I’m expecting things. Even a bit of junk mail would have been nice, then I’d know you knew where our letter box is.

Yours, Feeling Unloved


Dear Whatever-Bug-Sy-Has-Got,

Go away. I don’t like him snuffling and coughing and being pale and tired and feeling like rubbish. It’s not nice. Also, stay away from me and Tori. We don’t want you either.

Yours, Over-protective Girlfriend and Mother


Dear BabyBump,

You are quite welcome to arrive any time after this weekend if you want to. There’s more space for stretching out here.

All My Love, Mummy-To-Be (who is feeling a bit squished)

2 thoughts on “Dear So-And-So

  1. Been baking – go you. Hope baby does arrive as planned. V exciting best wishes to you xxx

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