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Weekend Creation: Musical Inspiration

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This poem randomly splurged into my head whilst I was listening to Evanescence. Not entirely sure why Evanescence inspired a poem about domestic violence but hey ho…

Never Enough

Don’t you think you’ve had enough?
There’s almost nothing left of me.

Will you ever have enough,
whilst there’s something left to see?

I’m broken, bleeding, bruised;
you’re sleeping sweetly, unaware.

You smiled as I bruised;
left marks to show you care.

I think I’ve had enough,
what am I crying for?

I know I’ve had enough,
I can’t love you anymore.

One thought on “Weekend Creation: Musical Inspiration

  1. Many thanks for your support for my blog hop. IT’s extremely appreciated. The poem touches on a very sensitive issue well, as its a difficult subject to tackle. Well done Shah. X

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