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Listography: Top 5 Movies

I always struggle with these. Or I end up looking like a  three year old and put 5 Disney cartoons….but here we go…



The Lion King

Best. Film. Ever.

No arguments.



National Treasure

Yes it is total and utter cheese but I love it. And Riley Poole (^) may possibly be my favourite character ever. He is a geek, utterly useless, adorable…*could go on but you’d probably slap me* I just want to take him home and cuddle him. I can’t help it. I have a thing for geeks.



Happy Feet

(I told you this list would look like a three year old wrote it…)

It’s cute, fluffy, funny and has good music in it. I saw it at the cinema at least twice and have watched it many times since. It’s just good, simple fun and I adore it.



Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

One word: ‘wessels’


Ahem, sorry. This film is hilarious. I admit it, I’m a bit of a Trekky, but only because it’s just so amusing. Especially this film. I love love love it.

*geeks out*




I still cry. Every time.


Now you are laughing at me. You are. I can hear you.


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10 thoughts on “Listography: Top 5 Movies

  1. Bambi!!! I want to watch it NOW! Haven’t seen it for donkeys years. Great list and no sniggering from this corner, promise 😀 Loving your tag cloud by the way, beautiful.


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