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Music I Want My Children To Listen To

I’ve been meaning to join in with this meme over at ghostwritermummy‘s blog for weeks. I keep forgetting. I am useless.

But here we go with my first post now I *have* remembered at a time I can sit down and write one!


This band was one I discovered at a time in my life when I was reaching a point where I was really discovering myself. It was a favourite of friends I met at college. Friends who taught me many things about myself and life in general and friends who introduced me to a whole world of music I’d never even known existed.

I fell utterly in love with Feeder. Yes, they have the odd track which is utter rubbish, but what band doesn’t? The majority of their stuff, however, I adore. There’s variety in there and lyrics that are either brilliant or completely bizarre and both of these things please me.

Listening to Feeder brings to mind so many memories of people and places that I can’t even begin to choose just one moment. Or maybe I can. Buck Rogers. Year 13 Leaving Prom. Dance floor empties…apart from our motley crew, who bounded up and had ‘one of those moments’ together.

I want Tori and BabyBump to listen to Feeder when they’re older. Other than just when I put it on far too loudly whilst I’m hoovering or whatever. I want them to find the bits of magic hidden on all the albums I acquired as I went through college and afterwards.

And, one day, I want to actually manage to see them live. I was meant to go in college but the date clashed with a Drama Performance Exam so I couldn’t. Then the gig was cancelled and rescheduled for a date I could make but there were no tickets left. *rage* I am still grumpy about this. Several years later. Stupid exam.

Now hop on over via the badge below to see what music other folks want their children to listen to. You never know – you might discover something new too!!

6 thoughts on “Music I Want My Children To Listen To

  1. Yes I agree – though if it were a choice I’d have to choose Nina Simone or Bob Dylan or as a modern alternative, perhaps Griffin House. Interesting post. I’ll pop over to the others now. Shah. X

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